Entrana (Argentinean Skirt Steak)



This is part of a traditional Argentinean Asado (BBQ). It couldn’t be easier to make this skirt steak. This is an extremely tasty and juicy cut of beef. Often, the fatty membrane is removed to make the meat more tender, but go ahead and leave it on – your steak will be more juicy as it acts like a shield to keep the juices in while cooking. Serve with a simple salad of lettuce, tomato, and onions dressed with a light vinaigrette and with chimichurri (my favorite is Chimichurri (Argentinean Parsley and Garlic Sauce)).


Entrana (Argentinean Skirt Steak)


  • 1 lb skirt steak
  • sea salt


Rub skirt steak lightly, on both sides, with sea salt; let sit on counter about 20 minutes; alternatively, rub with chimichurri.

Meanwhile, prepare grill for indirect cooking.  Cook to an internal temperature of 120 degrees F; meat should be golden and slightly crunchy (if the membrane was left on).  Let rest, then slice against the grain.


Serves 4.


One thought on “Entrana (Argentinean Skirt Steak)

  1. This was positively delicious. The sea salt contributed to the juicy texture and flavor of the beef without making it salty. Thanks for sharing your recipe.


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