Slow Cooker Japanese Pork with Soba Noodles

Asian cooking is known for its simplicity and speed.  This recipe uses the inexpensive pork shoulder which can be rather tough if not cooked properly.  To ensure it is tender and full of flavor the pork is first cooked in a slow cooker.  Slow cooking is great because it is not hands on and this methods does impart a tremendous amount of flavor for so little effort.
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Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ)

For a Japanese BBQ the meat is normally not marinated ahead of time so it is important to use good quality.  The diners sit around the BBQ and individually cook bite-sized pieces of meat or vegetables throughout the meal and then dip into a salty-ish sauce called “tare.”  FUN FACT:  In this country what we call a hibachi grill is actually called “shichirin.”  In Japan a hibachi is used to emit heat and is not cooked upon. Continue reading