Dried Fava Beans

This is an easy to make and healthy snack food.  Fava beans are a very large bean that resembles lima beans.  They are also sometimes called broad beans.  This recipe is for a spicy seasoning.  You could also do a little cinnamon and sugar or your favorite spice blend.  I would first sprinkle a little salt and then your spice blend.

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Carne De Porco À Alentejana

This recipe calls for a few ingredients that may be unfamiliar to the home cook, or perhaps just unavailable.  Pimenta Moida is a red pepper sauce.  I have linked a recipe in the ingredient list.  You could also use a jarred roasted red pepper or even a red pepper pesto.  Vinho verdi is a Portuguese wine.  It is quite delicious so don’t be afraid to buy it.  It is slightly fruity and slightly bubbly.  You could also use any white wine.  Piri-piri sauce is a hot red pepper sauce.  It is hotter than Tabasco, but you could use that or sriracha. Continue reading