Peas and Rice

yellow rice

Peas and Rice is an iconic Bahamian dish.  It’s made with pigeon peas (gandules) and long grain rice. Continue reading


Gyudon is a Japanese beef and rice bowl.  In Japan it is usually served with a raw egg yolk on top.  In this version the egg is beaten and added to the dish to cook before serving.  Or just leave it out if you prefer.

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Uzbekistan Plov with Goat (Instead of Lamb)

Uzbekistan is traditionally made with lamb, but my husband bought goat and put it in the freezer for so long that he didn’t remember what it was.  Rather than argue with him, I made his plov with goat.  It can also be made with beef if you don’t want lamb or goat.

This dish originated in Uzbekistan, but is enjoyed in other countries in the area, including Russia.  It is made every Sunday at the Bazaar.  In fact, my husband says, every stall makes it’s own version of plov and it is sort of like a chili or BBQ cookoff, competing to see who makes it best.  You do.

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