Mushroom and Shallot Kasha – Russia

For this recipe we are using a whole grain called kasha. I know you’ve seen the commercials for kasha and it was a breakfast cereal. This is not a breakfast cereal, at least I hope not since it has mushrooms and shallots in it! Kasha is simply buckwheat. My husband only remembers eating it plain, but there is so much more you can do with it. I cook it, like any grain, in chicken broth. This adds so much flavor and you really don’t need to do anything else to it if you don’t want to. I usually find buckwheat in the store in those boil-in-bags. They are a good size for two.
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Tabaka – Russian

The concept for flattened chicken is shared by many cuisines. It, perhaps, is most commonly associated with Georgian cuisine and Italian cuisine, where it is called “Chicken Under a Brick.” In Russia, it is called Tabaka. My husband says it more like “tobacco” and said if there is tobacco in the recipe skip it, ha ha ha! What a jokemeister!
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Russian Potato Salad

This salad was first served in Moscow in the 1860s, by Chef Lucien Olivier, and the recipe was a closely guarded secret. It is also called “Salade Olivier”, “Russian Salad” or “Sour Russian Potato Salad”. This classic dish has many variations. Here’s mine. I use the pickles found in Russian Tomatoes and Gherkins, but dill pickles will do. The garnish includes the tomatoes found in the same recipe, but fresh will do just as well.  It has a lot of ingredients, but it is fun to make.


russian potato
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